A project of Moving Image Arts & Education, our mission is to promote media literacy through the production and exhibition of film, video and digital art.  We believe strongly that students develop critical 21st Century Skills when they produce media.  Through our programs, we encourage girls to use digital technology to imagine, create, reflect, collaborate and share.  With nearly a decade behind us, we are ready to explore new frontiers in art education, and our website is the perfect place for us to experiment.  Stay tuned as we build our online community in the coming months.

Since 2005, we have provided tuition-free filmmaking programs to more than 750 girls.


Our educational programs focus on three core areas: media literacy, film history and media production.  To strengthen media literacy, we encourage students to critically examine representations of women in the media, and our curriculum focuses on work written, directed and produced by women.  We are also very passionate about introducing students to the magic and wonder of multiple genres of film.  Past programs have focused on narrative, documentary and experimental films, with special attention paid to independent and unseen cinema.  Influenced by the roots of DIY culture, we believe that each girl should participate in the creative process and engage with technology to produce her own work.



  • We started the in-school film program at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, which led to a four-year media track for high-school students.
  • We have hosted dozens of girls from across the nation for Film Camp at the University of Texas.
  • We have screened work produced by girls at Film Camp in numerous venues, including The Contemporary Austin, Violet Crown Cinema, FirstNightAustin and CinemaKids.
  • We have provided tuition-free filmmaking programs to more than 750 girls.